Be Like Water

How you do one thing, is how you do everything.

Some days I forget. 

I forget to write, I forget to schedule, I forget to love, and sometimes I even forget to let go.

Welcome to depression.

Today marks the first step in a story of recovery. I'm here to be the best version of myself, and although I forget to treat myself kindly, fairly often, I will begin this recovery with pure intention. I cannot affect the world positively if I never treat myself that way. All of our energy springs from inside of ourselves, and this isn't just hippie mumbo jumbo, it's very real. How we speak to ourselves eventually turns into how we speak to others or is directly correlated to the way we speak to others. If you do nothing but treat yourself with kind, focused, encouraging, and meaningful energy then that will be how you treat the world. Best believe that cycle of energy that ends up coming back to you will be positive and conducive to a very happy existence. 

I believe in form being the key to many doors regarding mastery. While I titled my company/business entity as "Dalton Currie Films" I do regard myself as an artist in almost every aspect of life. Everything one does on this journey through life has a sense of artistry to it. There is a way to master the form of the most mundane of tasks right up to the most difficult. This journeys main tenant remains "How you do one thing, is how you do everything"  this being the concrete form of building the empire and also the interpersonal relationships that hold such an empire together. The second tenant this journey will consistently abide by is to remain like water. This is an old Bruce Lee quote, with the idea being complete mastery of his body and mind. Water remains fluid and consistent. It fills the cracks and is relentless in its path to reach it's destination, which is sea level, the ocean, the larger whole to which it belongs. It's the strongest force in nature because it is relentless. With enough time, water will cut through rock to reach it's destination. 

Moving forward on this journey, I will be posting a new blog monthly. Progression and behind the scenes content will be posted for any video, photography, or graphic design projects.

Stay tuned and remain focused.

Peace and Love, 

Dalton Currie


Some recent photography from a depressive episode that lasted the course of two weeks. I was pretty obsessed with the way that the fog played with the lights at night. It was one of the only things that brought me joy during that time. 

darkred (1 of 1).jpg
Juniper St..jpg